AGM and your 2019 Committee

A little bit late, I know but thank you to everyone who attended the AGM in January, it was another successful evening and I think you’ll all agree that we’ve had a pretty great year.

For anyone who missed it, here are some of the points discussed and questions raised.

Membership fees will be going up slightly this year in line with the increase from England Athletics, we haven’t increased our club fee since we started in 2014 despite increases from EA and it’s still only £32 per year including your affiliation fee which I am sure you will agree is an absolute bargain to be part of the best team in Kent if not the world. There is also an option to renew membership through the EA portal which started last year and quite a few of us renewed that way, but it charges the club a handling fee so we would much prefer it if you paid your fees direct into the club account if possible. We’ll send details out when renewals are due.

Accounts were submitted and approved.

We are being asked about running a couch to 5k type programme to encourage new runners and hopefully grow our membership. The committee will discuss and see the best way to organise this. We may hold a meet the team session for new runners to try us out.

We will look at ways to promote the club, possibly Instagram, local Facebook groups etc. This is also to grow the club.

Website is looking great, many thanks to Stephen Burgess for his continued work on this.

Our inaugural SLGR race in January went well and was well received. Looking to repeat and expand next year to include runners from outside SLGR and So Let’s Go Running. Thanks to everyone who took part as either a runner or a marshal.

It was discussed whether to stick with the Golf Club for the 2019 Christmas party, generally the reply was yes, the entertainment team may put a poll out for confirmation but we have a provisional date reserved at the club just in case.

As a committee, we have to stand down each year and, if you want us back, we get re-elected, if you don’t want us back, fair enough. Luckily we seem to have done okay as everyone was re-elected and only one person resigned. We have got a replacement for the resignee and we had a slight switch around of roles adding two new people to the mix.

First of all, we are very sad to be losing Carol Penny as our Secretary, she’s done an amazing job over the last three years and we will miss her but she is moving on to take up the Chairperson role at Bexley Mind so doesn’t have the time to do both roles.  I am sure you will all wish her luck and thanks for all her hard work. She will still be running with us of course so she hasn’t escaped completely. Carol says thanks for the flowers.

Mandie Lockwood has agreed to replace Carol as secretary and hand over the role of Welfare officer to someone new. I am sure Mandie will do a great job of keeping us all in line. The role deals with all of the admin side of the club and dealing with England Athletics for things like our marathon place.

You have also decided to keep Chris Preston as your Chairperson, he’s here to deal with any issues arising and to make sure the rest of us are doing our jobs. He smooths things over, shovels what needs shovelling and generally manages everything.

Clive Penny is still membership secretary, he’ll be very busy soon when the new season starts on April 1st. Any questions about your membership, please contact Clive.

Club Financial Secretary is still Lynne Hill. Payment questions to her please if you are not sure of anything. Nothing gets passed her, she runs a very tight ship.

Kay is staying on as DBS checker, she’s the one who makes sure that all of our security checks are up to date.

With Mandie relinquishing control of the Welfare role, we have a new member of the committee, Fleur Ashley has agreed to step up to become Female Welfare alongside David Cooper as Male Welfare. The job is exactly what it suggests, looking after your welfare, please, please talk to either of them about any concerns for your own of someone else’s welfare within the club. I’m sure you will all agree that they are both very approachable and lovely.

We also have Andrea Hudson and Mark Browne as Liaison Officers, they are our ears within the club, any suggestions or issues with anything club related, please talk to them.

Andrea also deals with our kit, so if you need a new top, please let her know. We do currently have some stock on vests and tees so hopefully she will be able to accommodate you quite quickly.

Mel Preston had a busy year arranging lots of great social stuff so has taken on some help in the form of Keith Allchurch. They are already in discussions of what we could do next, any suggestions or requests, let them know.

And that just leaves me, you crazy sadistic lot have agreed to let me torture you for another year. Cue Vincent Price crazy cackle. If anyone has suggestions of new sessions, I am all ears, I also welcome feedback on which ones you like and don’t like, so fire away with the insults, I can take it.

Although these are our job titles, everybody on the committee does so much more that you don’t necessarily see, from race selection and research for the GP and tour, to uploading info on the website, co-ordinating merchandise orders, balancing the books, fighting the EA portal and loads more, we know you all appreciate it and we really want you all to get the best out of your club so I can’t stress enough how important it is for us to know how you guys feel and what you think. If we don’t know, we can’t do anything about it, so please talk to us, we’re a dodgy looking bunch but we don’t bite.

Okay, that’s it, you’re stuck with us for another year. You’ve seen the mug shots and you know who to contact. Happy running Team SLGR 2019