Working the Bon Jovi Spot

Some of the SLGR gang were out marshalling this Saturday at Shoreham Wood 10k, which is a very pretty but rather hilly course. We also had two team members running it, Stephen Burgess and Gary Clements. We had a bit of drama with a missing fallen runner who wasn’t actually missing at all and a disqualification after the leader went the wrong way, not the fault of the marshals or the organisers I might add, he just completely missed the large red arrows pointing right, plus no one was listening to Mark shout “Careful down the steps and then sharp left” they all carried on straight ahead into the field instead. Doh !

I was in charge of the Bon Jovi spot which meant a lot of singing on my part, not something I am good at but it did seem to make the runners move faster to get past me yelling “Whoa, your half way there, whoa Livin’ on a Prayer” Some of them were hoping that I meant that they were half way up the hill, but I soon disappointed them on that score as I was pretty much at the bottom of a very long, very steep hill.

Lots of people commented on the lovely views on the course, funnily enough, no one commented on the lovely singing but ever since running a race with Jo Conway a few years ago, I have always had that song in my head at half way of any race so I just had to share it on Saturday. Apologies to all concerned and any local wildlife that I scared off.

The disqualified lead runner took his mishap well and was promised a free place next year so that he can come back and finish the race. Steve Burgess was first SLoGgeR home and Clements managed second. Well done to both of them.

I have never run this one despite marshalling twice, it’s a tough race and the leaders took around 25 minutes to get to me at the 5k point so it’s definitely not one for a PB but if you like a challenge and can cope with my singing, maybe give it a go next year.