Mud, Sweat and Beers at Harvel 5

Oh how I love my team.

I hope you don’t mind but I have picked up some of the photos from your posts and gathered them together on this blog. We had almost 40 runners at Harvel 5 today and we made one hell of an impression. We had a few brave souls who went for the fancy dress and loads of orange and black. Hats off to Darren, Gavin and the Allchurch brothers for what must have been incredibly hot outfits on a scorching Saturday afternoon. As always, getting a team pic before and after the race is a challenge, but here are a selection of the before.



Then it was off and the beer began to flow as fast as the runners. For quite a few of us, this was a recovery run after marathons, half marathons and a hot 10k on Monday so we wanted to have a bit of fun and enjoy the hospitality that you only get a Harvel.

There was even a bit of running, Of course Les had to combine the running with the beer.

And then there was some celebrating reaching the finish before we tried to get a finishers photo.

And the celebrations went on for some time, in the pub and then another pub. I will leave this last pic to speak for it’s self. All I can say is. Priceless !