Have you played Runner’s Top Trumps

SLGR are a very sociable bunch who like nothing better than a post-race chow down like we had after Dartford Half in March when a load of us headed to the pub for lunch, but like a bunch of teenagers everyone was soon huddled over their phones. They weren’t being anti-social and checking out Facebook or Twitter, they were checking Strava stats. Pace, elevation, calories, times etc. Now while this may be the kind of thing you would expect to see from elite athletes figuring out where it went right or wrong, where they could hone their technique, that wasn’t quite what the team were doing. One of the first things that we all look at is how many calories we have burned, so we know we’ve earned the lunch we are about to consume.

After Paddock Wood half we were all stood at the finish, welcoming one another in and then the phones came out and the stats were once again discussed in detail and compared to our fellow runners in a game of what Gavin Mundy called Runner’s Top Trumps, pick a stat and compare it, who got the best pace, who got the highest elevation, what distance you got and most importantly, who burned the most calories. It entertained us for ages.

For what we are about to consume, may Strava make us truly deserving.

#TeamSLGR – Dartford Running Club